JCF Is Going National

You could say it was inevitable. Since it launched from our Tampa offices in early 2017, Jeepin’ Central Florida has been one of the best-kept secrets in the off-road world, read only by a select group of regional Jeep enthusiasts.

Or so we thought. As the months have passed, the issues have mailed, and our online and social media presence has grown, we have slowly begun to realize that JCF is a magnet for Jeepers (and wannabe Jeepers) all over the country.

My wife and son and I have been on two Western adventures: The first was a convoy to Houston in support of a massive Hurricane Harvey relief effort. The second was a bucket list-caliber family vacation to Moab, Utah. We interacted with a number of Jeep groups along the way. Some leaders and members were already familiar with the magazine. Those who weren’t dove right in, reading and sharing articles and encouraging fellow members to subscribe.

We added thousands of new Jeepers to our circulation on those trips and just as many words of encouragement. It was great to hear.
But it doesn’t end there. We have heard from readers as close as Alabama and Georgia and as far as Hawaii and Maine. I have worked in automotive publishing for several decades and launched countless publications. I have never seen any title grow so organically, so fast. I credit our editorial team and the many guest writers who have contributed articles on everything from modifications customizations to winching and spotting.

Despite never marketing our content outside Central Florida, we have readers in every corner of this great nation. Perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised, since these topics are universal. With that in mind, starting with the next issue, Jeepin’ Central Florida will become Jeepin’ Magazine.

If you’re a Central Floridian, you can be assured the magazine will continue to be produced in Tampa and feature writers and subjects from our region. If not, thank you for discovering and supporting our publication. Please join our core audience by staying engaged and reaching out to suggest new topics and ideas.

It’s so important to us that Jeepin’ remains a valuable resource for off-roaders and the communities they dedicate time and resources to supporting, protecting and improving. Thank you for reading.

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