Moab Is for Jeepers

Q: I am planning a trip to Moab. What is the minimum lift, tire size and gear needed, and can you recommend some challenging trails?

A: Moab has every level of trail you could want. You can come with a stock Jeep and hit some beautiful trails, or you can come with all the best mods and hit some hardcore trails. To answer your question, upgrade it for what you want to experience, and Moab will form fit for you. Just choose the trails that your Jeep can do.

For example, you can take on one of our more difficult trails, like Hell’s Revenge, in a stock Jeep, but there will be obstacles along the way you will need to bypass. The slick rock terrain makes Moab like no other. However, we also have the La Sal Mountains just a couple miles away. If you want to cool down with a splash through the creek, do the Kane Creek Trail (difficult) or the Onion Creek Trail (easy).

Our company offers both ride-along and follow-along tours, but we do not provide the vehicle. We have had up to 60 vehicles follow before, but one to 10 vehicles is a lot more enjoyable. There is nothing wrong with striking out on your own, especially if you have a buddy who knows the area.

Nuts and Bolts

Richard Mick was born and raised in Moab, Utah, where he runs the trails with his father and the rest of the Dan Mick’s Jeep Tours team. He says the area offers trails for every experience level, along with terrain — and views — you can’t find anywhere else.
Dan Mick’s Jeep Tours

If you’re new to Moab and you hire us, we can teach you the basics. We also know the best routes to take for the optimal experience on the trail. Having that extra security helps, especially if you are in town alone. For those who have a little more experience, we can hit more of the difficult trails that even the best drivers need someone to spot them over.

Cliffhanger and Metal Masher are a couple of my favorites. Those are tough trails, but I can get most vehicles with lockers and 35-inch-plus tires through. Pritchett Canyon is the most difficult Jeep safari trail. We try to only do that one a couple times a year because there is a high possibility of damage. You would need a tube buggy or a highly built JK to get through Pritchett Canyon.

If that does not satisfy you, go to Area BFE. They have some insane trails in that area. Rear Steer would be hands down the hardest. You would need something like a single seater comp buggy to get through that.

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