Let’s Build a Jeep for Charity

Held last October at Pasco Safety Town in Shady Hills, Fla., Jeep vs. Harley was a huge success. Central Florida Jeepers and Harley riders joined forces to raise $16,000 for charity. They also threw a heck of a party at the end of the convoy.

Jeep vs. Harley was a new event in 2017, and my hat is off to the organizers. Having attended countless Jeepin’ events, however, I couldn’t help but notice one missing piece: a Jeep giveaway. Well, there will be a raffle for a Jeep at this year’s event, and the winner will be the envy of Jeepers everywhere.

I know this because Jeepin’ Central Florida will be the donor, and it’s going to be a real wheelin’ machine, not some pavement princess. We will cut no corners and spare no expense to build our dream Jeep. We are going to make it happen with the help and expertise of our friends from the four Jeep groups that help organize the event: Bear Off Road Alliance, Blackwater Jeepers, Trail Monkeys 4×4 and Tri-County Jeepers.

Anyone who has customized or modified their rig knows that Jeeps aren’t built in a day. This will be a yearlong effort, and we will document it in these pages. In this issue, our scribe, Blackwater member and seasoned mechanic Rob Rose, offers expert advice for buying a used Jeep; we hope to have our own baby in the barn by the time you read this.

Each of the Jeep groups will hold a wrenching party, the magazine will fund the parts and expenses, and we will raffle off the finished product at Jeep vs. Harley 2018 (a.k.a. “The Rematch”) on Oct. 6. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the raffle will be divided among the four groups to donate to the charities of their choice. We want the money we raise to stay local.

The Jeep community has welcomed this magazine and our staff with open arms. I can’t thank you enough, and we all look forward to giving something back. If you needed another reason to participate in this incredible event for worthy causes, you’ve got it. Thanks for reading, and keep on Jeepin’.

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