Justice League: Team Farrell Plans Third Annual Jeepin 4 Justice

Jeepin 4 Justice is a three-day Jeepin’ get-together set for Nov. 10–12 and hosted by Team Farrell. It will be held at the Concourse Rotary Pavilion in Shady Hills, Fla., with proceeds to support numerous local charities and the Pasco County Sheriff’s K-9 unit. This off-road weekend is full of custom Jeep trails, live music and great prizes for attendees — you can even win a Wrangler, courtesy of Ferman Jeep of New Port Richey.

Jeepin’ Central Florida caught up with Tina Farrell, co-owner (with husband Steve) of Team Farrell, to learn more about the event and what attendees can expect.

How long have you been doing Jeepin 4 Justice?

This will be our second year but the third event. We had a single-day ride in May at the same location. November is the main event.

Nuts and Bolts

Team Farrell presents the third annual Jeepin 4 Justice, a three-day, off-road charity weekend scheduled for Nov. 10–12 at the Concourse Rotary Pavilion in Shady Hills, Fla. The cost per Jeep (up to four people) is $60 for early registration or $70 at the gate. Single-day passes are $35 for early registration or $45 at the gate. Spectators may enter for $3 each (cash only) at the gate. Register online at Jeepin4Justice.com.

Is the weather a concern?

We’ve always have had great weather. The event goes on, rain or shine. Jeepers love the mud!

Any tips for a happy camping experience?

Motorhomes are great if you have one. If you register now, camping is free. The camping area is nice. There is a pavilion with a bathroom and hookups for the motorhomes.

How far is it from the trails and event area?

The event area is walkable if you plan on coming without a Jeep. Spectators are able to watch the obstacle course area and are encouraged to come.

Why a Jeepin’ event?

I have really enjoyed attending other Jeep events. We have such a great Jeep community. Even the sheriff jumped on board the first year by buying a Jeep. He started the Pasco County Search & Rescue Unit after our event. It was a big win for our community to get Jeeps involved in search-and-rescue missions.

What was the original goal?

We wanted to support the K-9 unit. The first event brought in enough to get a dog. They named him “Farrell.”

What’s new for Jeepin 4 Justice III?

We have two night rides instead of one this year. The trails have been more developed. We now have different levels, some a little more difficult and some less difficult. For the kids, we added a kid-sized obstacle course with sponsored, sticker-wrapped Power Wheels. There is a small course where we will be doing an event for them. We also have a new vendor that is coming with remote control cars.

Tell me more about the charities you support with this event.

It has always been important to our family to invest in our community and give back. I am on the chair of a lot of events around Pasco County. All the proceeds of Jeepin 4 Justice stay local. We live in this community and we want to do so much for this community.

The first year, we did it for the K-9 unit, Racing for Vets, two women’s shelters and the SPCA. This year, we are going to count how many Jeeps come in for each club. First through third place will get to pick their charity and tell us who they want to receive funding. Some proceeds will still go to K-9. They need infrared lights and we hope to get them all covered.

Our 10 committee members for Jeepin 4 Justice, who volunteer their time and energy during the event, each get to pick a charity to send $500. Our intention is to have the collected funds spread out to as many groups or individuals as we can. By having the people who are working the event choose who to give money to, we are able to make sure multiple needs are cared for.

What other events do you hold?

We are working every day on events and community support. We have started our own 501(c)3, Farrell Cares, and now own an event center where we will be feeding people the day after Thanksgiving. We just bought sneakers for kids going back to school. We worked with the community to fix a woman’s roof that was caving in.

But Jeepin’ is my heart. This is an event we started and it means a lot to us. I am excited to see it grow and do well. Everyone who is involved does it from their heart and soul.

How did the trails get made?

I am on the Safety Town board and the Concourse committee. I proposed to have these trails made, and the committee loved the idea.

Are the trails for all Jeeps?

There is something for everyone. Stock Jeeps to built-out Jeeps can all have a great time.

What is available for more technical vehicles?

We have developed the trails to have a range of obstacles — deep mudholes, rocks and logs. We have a sandpit as well.

Are there spotters on the trails?

We have spotters throughout all the trails. They are volunteers that are part of the committee. They are all really helpful and amazing people.

How do the night rides work?

All Jeeps stay together and follow each other. We have a trail leader at the front and the back of the group. Anyone can do it. The night course is more basic. We have to keep it safe. It starts at 10 p.m. and usually goes until after midnight. We will be gathering the night riders later this year so everyone can enjoy the bands.

Are there mechanics on hand?

Jeepers work as a team; everybody helps each other. If you need something, just ask, and we will be more than happy to help. We love this community for that very reason.

Any food or prizes?

Our food vendors make amazing meals and have the same kind of love that we have for the community. Everyone who attends will receive a goody bag full of great stuff from our sponsors. There are a few different ways to win big prizes from our sponsors. There’s a 50/50 raffle and a bingo game for all the vendors. If you visit each vendor’s booth, you will get a stamp on your bingo card from them for another raffle.

And what about the big prize, an off-road-ready Jeep?

Yes, it is a 2002 Jeep Wrangler. Visit the website for more information or come to the event for your chance to take it home!

If someone wants to sponsor or donate, whom should they contact?

Call me anytime to ask questions or donate at (727) 845-7663 or through Jeepin4Justice.com.

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